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icon_circle_abrasive_blue_500x500Brown Fused Alumina (BFA), formed in electric arc furnaces, is the most common form of fused alumina and is one of the most widely used in abrasives for its hardness (Mohs hardness of 9) and toughness.  It is used in a wide variety of applications – from grinding wheels and coated abrasives to media used in blasting and polishing.

Great Lakes Minerals, LLC sources only tilt-furnace produced Grade 1 BFA (>95% Al2O3, <1% Fe2O3).  We make 12Grit to 240Grit, packaged in 50 lb. bags, 4,000 lb. bulk bags, or 400 lb. drums.

Abrasive Product:

Brown-Fused Alumina (BFA-96)

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