Minerals for Protective Coatings

Brown fused aluminum oxide is used both in the surface preparation process before the application of a coating and in many instances, in the actual coating mix.Ā  Coatings are applied to many surface types such as bridges, pipelines, and oil rigs in order to extend their useful life where durability and longevity of the structure are of vital importance.Ā  In order for a coating to properly adhere to a surface, that surface must be well prepped prior to coating. Brown fused aluminum oxide is often the preferred choice of media in the surface preparation process.

Because brown fused aluminum oxide is ultra-hard and has excellent corrosion and chemical resistant properties, it is also often used as an additive to the coating mix to provide added protection against corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

coated abrasive application

Products for Coatings
Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide: GLM BFA

Ā A tough, all-purpose virgin grain produced to conform to all major industrial and U.S. government standards


Protective coating application

Coating Applications

  • Surface preparation prior to application of coatings
  • As an additive to the coating mix