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icon_circle_refractory_blue_500x500Refractories make the world go ’round.  The modern world cannot function without refractories, yet so many people are unaware of their importance. Refractories are responsible for the bricks found in your family backyard fire pit, the steel soaring up into the sky on a bridge, and the many of the materials in the car you drive.  Minerals make refractories possible. Refractory and Abrasive minerals define Great Lakes Minerals, LLC!

GLM  operates as one of the largest importers of the highest quality Refractory Grade bauxites and brown-fused alumina in North America. We specialize in the processing of these industrial minerals and, through our state-of-the-art high capacity crushing and sizing operation, continuing to make precise customer sizes 25mm thru flours.

Refractory Products include:

Chinese Bauxite (RD-88)
Chinese Bauxite (RT-90)
Guyanese Bauxite (RASC)
Brown-Fused Alumina (BFA-96)

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