Great Lakes Minerals’ operation is one of the most efficient processors of aggregate bauxite in the industry.Great Lakes Minerals (GLM) has been in the business of providing high quality refractory grade and abrasive industrial minerals since 1999. Located at the Greenup Boyd County River Port industrial site on the Ohio River at Wurtland Kentucky, we are conveniently close to the converging borders of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.  This location provides us the ability to accept raw materials just steps from our facility and provide our customers with low-cost shipping opportunities to most regions of the country where our products are widely used.

Our pursuit of high quality begins in the mines where we accept only high-grade bauxite and carries forward through processing at our facility. Great Lakes Minerals is a provider of high-quality bauxite aggregate, traditionally the most commonly used aggregate material used in refractories and High Friction Surfacing Treatment (HFST).  Bauxite aggregate is a strong and extremely durable material with high friction properties, ideally suited for slip prevention on industrial and other surfaces. Applications for bauxite aggregate include:

  • Anti-skid protection – Bauxite aggregate is used in anti-skid applications for vehicle skid prevention, frequently on surfaces where additional safety is required. It can be troweled into fresh concrete, applied to surfaces with resin cements and adhesives, or added to paints.
  • Anti-slip protection – Bauxite aggregate is used as an additive to surfacing materials in settings at-risk for pedestrian slipping including industrial, commercial and residential surfaces. Typical usage of bauxite aggregate includes pedestrian crosswalks, sidewalks, industrial floors and work spaces, ship decks and boat docks, pool decks, stairways, bathtubs and more.
  • High friction surface treatment (HFST) – This is a cost-effective method which uses bauxite aggregate as an additive, to reduce skidding and make roads safer. Applied to surfaces using a polymer binder, HFST is used on horizontal curves and ramps, intersections, bridge decks, steep grades, roadway roundabouts and pavement surfaces. Our GRIPgrain ® product is fired in a rotary kiln to impart its superior abrasive qualities, hardness, and long-term frictional resistance
  • Refractories – Bauxite aggregate is the main raw material for producing alumina and artificial corundum refractory products and can be used in electric furnaces, blast furnaces and hot blast furnaces. Refractory materials, used to line boilers, furnaces, kilns and reactors, will maintain their strength and chemical properties at high temperatures.

Great Lakes Minerals’ operation is one of the most efficient processors of aggregate bauxite in the industry, enabling us to produce a consistent bauxite aggregate. Production processes are controlled via a PLC system. Every pallet of finished product is bar coded upon packaging, providing permanent quality control trace-ability. GLM uses some of the most advanced dust collection technology available, resulting in a clean supply of high-grade bauxite aggregate for our customers. Once a product is shipped from GLM, customers receive an emailed product certification.

The core management team at Great Lakes Minerals is comprised of qualified and experienced professionals, most of whom have been with GLM from its start over twenty years ago. Contact us at 606.833.8383 or visit us on the web at We look forward to working with you regarding your bauxite aggregate needs.