GLM’s state-of-the-art facility is one of the most efficient processors of calcined bauxite in the industry.Great Lakes Minerals LLC (GLM), which is a processor of calcined bauxite and other alumina based industrial minerals used as raw materials in the refractory, abrasive, High Friction Surface Treatment and Anti-Skid industries, is a trusted supplier of calcined bauxite in the United States, Canada and Mexico. GLM has the capability to crush and size, package and warehouse calcined bauxite.

As a bauxite supplier, the GLM Plant is centrally located in Wurtland, Kentucky, strategically positioned on the Ohio River, allowing the company to take advantage of the direct access for handling of feedstock from lower cost barge transportation to plant.  Wurtland is located at the borders of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, conveniently located for low-cost shipping to most regions of the country in which calcined bauxite is widely used.

GLM’s state-of-the-art facility is one of the most efficient processors of calcined bauxite in the industry. To ensure quality bauxite supply, production processes are controlled via a state-of-the-art PLC system and every pallet of finished product is bar coded upon packaging which provides permanent Quality Control traceability. The GLM facility also uses some of the most advanced dust collection technology available, resulting in a cleaner bauxite supply for our customers.  Upon shipment, product certifications are automatically emailed to customers. GLM’s core management team are some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the industry, most of which have been in place since inception over 20 years ago.

Calcined bauxite properties such as high alumina and low iron make calcined bauxite the ideal raw material with which to manufacture refractory and abrasive products.  As calcined bauxite suppliers, our customers use this product for a variety of purposes, including roadway and walkway safety.

  • Anti-Skid Protection: Calcined bauxite is used in the prevention of vehicle skidding and on surfaces requiring additional safety. It can be mixed into fresh concrete or paint or applied to surfaces using resin cements and adhesives.
  • Anti-Slip Protection: Calcined bauxite is used to prevent pedestrian slipping on sidewalks, driveways, industrial floors, stairways, ship, boat and pool decks, bathtubs and much more.
  • High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST): HFST is used to make roadways safer, including curves, ramps, intersections, steep grades and roundabouts. Calcined bauxite is broadcast onto road surfaces through the use of a polymer binder.
  • Refractories: Calcined bauxite is a main raw material ingredient in a wide variety of refractory mix applications.

At Great Lakes Minerals, the calcined bauxite supplied to our customers comes in several grades and is produced in a range of sizes.

* Calcined Bauxite: GLM  RD-88

High density, 87% minimum alumina, 3.25 B.D. Uniform fired Chinese bauxite

*  Calcined Bauxite:  GLM  RT-90

High density, 88% minimum alumina, 3.35 gm/cc min. B.D., Chinese bauxite

* Guyanese Bauxite:    RASC – Refractory “A” Grade

High alumina, low impurities Guyanese bauxite

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