GLM, committed to high quality & strong customer service, is your dependable supplier of calcined bauxite aggregate.Having been in the business of providing high quality industrial minerals for over two decades, Great Lakes Minerals (GLM) is an excellent source for calcined bauxite aggregate. Just steps from the Ohio River at the Greenup Boyd County River Port Industrial Site in Wurtland, Kentucky, Great Lakes Minerals is close to the convergence of the borders of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. This location enables GLM’s customers to efficiently and affordably ship to most regions of the country in which calcined bauxite aggregate is used frequently.

The pursuit of high-quality materials for GLM customers begins at the mines in China and Guyana where we accept only high-grade bauxite.  We perform quality checks at the U.S. ports-of-entry and again at the time of delivery to our Wurtland facility. This assurance of quality materials is important in providing critical heat and strength insulation for refractory purposes. GLM’s state-of-the-art facility provides some of the most efficient processing in the industry through our PLC system. Every pallet of calcined bauxite aggregate is barcoded, providing traceability for quality control purposes. When product is shipped, customers immediately receive emailed product certifications.

Calcined bauxite aggregate, given its high alumina and density and low iron, its strength and durability, is used globally for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Anti-skid protection – Calcined bauxite aggregate is used in anti-skid applications for vehicle skid prevention, often on surfaces where additional safety is mandated. It can be mixed with a trowel into fresh concrete, applied to surfaces with adhesives and resin cements, or as an additive to paint.
  • Anti-slip protection – Calcined bauxite aggregate is used in surfacing materials in vulnerable settings for slipping including commercial, industrial and residential surfaces. Typical locations for the use of calcined bauxite aggregate include pedestrian crosswalks and sidewalks, industrial floors and work spaces, ship decks and boat docks, pool decks, stairways, bathtubs and more.
  • High friction surface treatment (HFST) – This is a widely-recognized method, through the use of calcined bauxite aggregate as an additive, to reduce vehicle skidding and make roads safer. Applied to surfaces with a polymer binder, HFST is used on horizontal curves and ramps, intersections, bridge decks, steep grades, roadway roundabouts and pavement surfaces. Our GRIPgrain® product is fired in a rotary kiln to impart its superior abrasive qualities, hardness, and long-term frictional resistance.
  • Refractories – Calcined bauxite aggregate is the main raw material for producing alumina refractory materials for use in electric furnaces, blast furnaces and hot blast furnaces. As a result of Great Lake Mineral’s commitment to high-grade calcined bauxite aggregate, its use in refractory products, lining boilers, furnaces, kilns and reactors, will maintain strength and chemical properties at high temperatures.

Great Lakes Minerals is your dependable supplier of calcined bauxite aggregate. Our commitment to high quality and excellent customer service, coupled with a core management team that has been with us throughout our corporate history, will meet your expectations. Contact us today at 606.833.8383 or visit us on the web at We look forward to working with you regarding your calcined bauxite aggregate needs.