Calcined bauxite has exceptional stability and hardness, along with a high resistance to any type of surface polishing, causing it to be an effective high friction aggregate.Great Lakes Minerals (GLM) is a major supplier of calcined bauxite aggregate, typically used in high friction surface treatment (HFST). At GLM, we have been in the business of providing high-grade industrial minerals for over two decades. Our location at the Greenup Boyd Country River Port Industrial Site in Wurtland, Kentucky is just steps from the Ohio River, near the converging borders of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. This places us in an ideal setting for shipping materials efficiently and cost-effectively to most regions of the country in which calcined bauxite is used as a high friction aggregate.

One of the reasons for the staying power of Great Lakes Minerals is our insistence upon quality control from start to finish.  Our pursuit of quality begins at the mines where we accept only the highest grade of bauxite. We continue with quality checks at the U.S. borders and again at the point of delivery to our plant. Our customers know that when they are purchasing high friction aggregate, they can be confident that our product will perform as expected.

Calcined bauxite, a high friction aggregate, is traditionally used as a roadway surface application to reduce skidding and make roadways safer. Typical locations for the use of HFST include ramps, horizontal curves, steep grades, junctions and intersections, bridge decks and other surfaces susceptible to icing, roundabouts, pavement surfaces, bus stop areas, airport runways, garages and other areas where exceptional anti-skid performance is necessary for the safe handling of vehicles and machinery. Calcined bauxite has exceptional stability and hardness, along with a high resistance to any type of surface polishing, causing it to be an effective high friction aggregate.

Transportation safety statistics indicate a significant reduction in vehicle crashes when a high friction aggregate of calcined bauxite, applied to surfaces using a polymer binder, is employed to improve traction. It is important to consider the high cost of any type of accident with the cost of proactive use of this product. The state of Kentucky placed HFST on 26 curves and to date has seen an average reduction from 6.2 to 1.9 crashes per year at those locations (U.S. Department of Transportation data).

When applied with a polymer binder, high friction aggregate is locked in place, creating a rough, hard, durable surface that will withstand roadway demands, such as braking and snowplowing. When an existing roadway surface has worn down, an application of HFST can restore skid resistance to the roadway. The resin or polymer binder combination locks the calcined bauxite aggregate firmly in place, creating an extremely rough, hard, durable surface capable of withstanding everyday roadway demands, such as heavy braking and even snowplowing.

Our state-of-the-art crushing and sizing operation at Great Lakes Minerals ensures consistency in spec sized calcined bauxite aggregate. GLM uses some of the most advanced dust collection technology and every pallet of finished materials is bar coded for clear identification for quality control traceability. Upon shipment to our customers, product certifications are automatically emailed to our customers. Great Lakes Minerals has a core management team that includes some employees who have been with us from the founding of this company.

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