Calcined bauxite is used as a roadway surface application to reduce skidding and make roadways safer.Great Lakes Minerals (GLM) is a trusted supplier of high friction bauxite and other alumina-based industrial minerals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Having started in this industry over two decades ago, GLM has earned its excellent reputation through the consistent delivery of high-grade materials and first-rate customer service.  Located in Wurtland, Kentucky, just feet from the Ohio River, Great Lakes Minerals is positioned near the convergence of the borders of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. GLM is able to take advantage of the direct access for handling of materials from lower cost barge transportation to our plant and this setting allows for low-cost shipping to most regions where high friction bauxite is widely used.

Because of its high friction qualities, calcined bauxite is used to prevent skidding and slipping in roadway, walkway, commercial, industrial and residential settings.

  • Anti-Skid Protection: High friction calcined bauxite is used for vehicle skid protection, often on surfaces that require extra safety precautions. High friction bauxite can be mixed into fresh concrete with a trowel, applied to surfaces with adhesives and resin cements, or added to paint.
  • Anti-Slip Protection: High friction bauxite is used on surfaces where there is a risk of slipping including commercial, industrial and residential settings such as sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks, industrial floors and work spaces, boat docks and ship decks, pool decks, stairways, bath tubs and more.
  • High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) is a widely recognized method, through the use of high friction bauxite as an additive, to make roadways safer by reducing skidding. Broadcast to surfaces with a polymer binder, HFST is an excellent material for use on horizontal curves and ramps, intersections, bridge decks and other settings particularly vulnerable to icing, steep grades and roundabouts.

Great Lakes Minerals GRIPgrain® product has superior abrasive qualities, hardness and long-term frictional resistance. This GLM product is sized to particular State specification and the finished product is virtually dust-free.  Our packaging design works well at the jobsite as the bulk bags (4000 lbs.) are durable and have a spout-bottom; rain caps are added to keep material dry. Pallets of GLM material are bar coded, providing traceability, and customers are emailed product certifications immediately upon shipment.

High friction bauxite provides an important safety feature to a range of potentially high-skid or high-slip settings. The commitment of Great Lakes Minerals to excellence, coupled with a core management team, most of whom have been with us from the start, will meet your expectations when you are in the market for high friction bauxite and other alumina-based industrial minerals. Contact us today at 606.833.8383 or visit us on the web at