Calcined bauxite is used as a roadway surface application to reduce skidding and make roadways safer.Great Lakes Minerals (GLM), a company that has been in the business of providing industrial minerals for 20 years, is an excellent source for high friction surfacing aggregate. Our GRIPgrain® product is a high density, high alumina uniform fired bauxite, routinely used in anti-slip, anti-skid and high friction surface treatment (HFST).  The following qualities of calcined bauxite result in a high friction surfacing product:

  • Extreme hardness and wear resistance
  • High resistance to weathering, abrasion and polishing
  • High durability
  • Chemical stability when exposed to intense heat and acid or alkaline agents.

GRIPgrain® is processed from high quality bauxite and sized to State sizing specifications in our state-of-the-art crushing and sizing plant. High friction calcined bauxite can be mixed into fresh concrete with a trowel, added to paint or applied to surfaces with adhesives and resin cements.

High friction surfacing is used in a variety of applications:

  • Anti-skid for vehicles and other surfaces vulnerable to safety hazards
  • Anti-slip for reducing pedestrian, industrial, commercial and residential accidents
  • High Friction Surface Treatment on horizontal curves and ramps, steep grades, intersections, steep grades, bridge decks, roundabouts, crosswalks, sidewalks and pavements. High friction surfacing with GRIPgrain® provides significant improvement in safety through accident reduction. U.S. Department of Transportation data indicate that improving road friction through HFST reduces crash incidents by 50-100%.

Great Lakes Minerals is located in Wurtland, Kentucky, just steps from the Ohio River, at the Greenup Boyd County River Port Industrial Site. Raw minerals arrive by barge and are moved quickly to our processing plant. Closely aligned with the converging borders of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, this central location provides convenient, affordable shipping to most regions of the country in which high friction surfacing material is in demand by our customers.

Great Lakes Minerals is a mission-driven company: superior quality products and excellent customer service. The assurance of high-quality industrial minerals begins at the mines in China and Guyana where we inspect and accept only the best raw material. Our industrial minerals are checked for quality again at the U.S. borders and also upon delivery to our processing plant.

GLM uses some of the most advance dust collection technology available, assuring a clean supply of high-grade calcined bauxite for our customers. When processing and packaging is complete, every pallet of GRIPgrain® is bar coded, assuring quality control trace-ability. GRIPgrain® is conveniently packaged in bulk bags with a spout-bottom and rain cap for jobsite convenience. High friction surfacing treatment third party lab test certifications for our GRIPgrain® is available to customers.

The core management team at GLM is comprised of qualified and experienced employees who have been with Great Lakes Minerals since our start in 1999. Contact us 606.833.8383 or visit us on the web at . We look forward to working with you regarding your high friction surfacing bauxite material needs.