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Great Lakes Minerals LLC (GLM), which is a processor of abrasive blasting media, including Aluminum Oxide and other alumina based industrial minerals used as raw materials in the refractory and abrasive industries, is a trusted supplier within the abrasive blasting industry. GLM has the capability to crush, size, package and warehouse Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide to all major industry standards including American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B74.12 Table 3, MIL A21380 B, CID-AA-59316, CSS12 and General Electric Aircraft Engine Group D50tF5-S8 Class D.  GLM is an approved Pratt & Whitney supplier.

Abrasive blasting is the process by which an abrasive media is accelerated through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air. Blasting can be done on smaller parts within blast cabinets, or applied to larger components, such as airplane parts, within blast rooms. The two basic types of abrasives are cutting and non-cutting abrasive. The most used cutting abrasive type is aluminum oxide due to its great recycling rates and its ability to open surfaces and allow for the best possible adhesion of coatings after the surface has been prepared. Choosing the correct mesh size to use is important in order to obtain the desired surface results.

Aluminum oxide has multiple different types, but the most used is brown fused aluminum oxide.  On the Mohs mineral hardness scale Aluminum Oxide has a hardness of 9.0, which is harder than most other commonly used abrasive blasting medias used.

Blasting abrasives with favorable recycling qualities, such as Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide, are recommended to be applied within blast rooms or blast cabinets as opposed to the use of portable blasting equipment, as the latter doesn’t allow for recycling.

The GLM Plant is centrally located in Wurtland, Kentucky, strategically positioned on the Ohio River, allowing the company to take advantage of the direct access for handling of feedstock from lower cost barge transportation to plant.  Wurtland is located at the boarders of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, conveniently located for low-cost shipping to most regions of the country in which abrasive blasting media is widely used.

GLM’s state-of-the-art facility is one of the most efficient processors of Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide abrasive blasting media in the industry. Production processes are controlled via a state-of-the-art PLC system and every pallet of finished product is bar coded upon packaging which provides permanent QC traceability. The GLM facility also uses some of the most advanced dust collection technology available, resulting in much greater visibility within blast cabinets or blast rooms.  Our difference in quality is immediately apparent to clients when compared to competitor products. Upon shipment, product certifications are automatically emailed to customers. GLM’s core management team are some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the industry, most of which have been in place since inception over 20 years ago.

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We produce abrasive grains specifically for abrasive blasting applications – in sufficient quantities for the full range of grit sizes (6 – 240). Our fused aluminum oxide abrasive grains are made for maximum toughness and hardness to deliver superior performance in your abrasive blasting applications.

Aluminum oxide blasting media is one of the best abrasives available in terms of cleaning potential, low dusting properties and reusability. It is an extremely aggressive media and, due to its’ composition of 95% pure aluminum oxide, it will not promote rust or ferric contamination on the surfaces it is being applied to. It is commonly used in blast cabinets, blast rooms and any production environment where spent abrasive can be reclaimed.  The advantage of Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide for abrasive blasting is that it can be reused up to 7 times for most applications, unlike other blasting media options, such as coal slag which generally have a one or two-time use.

Customers of Great Lakes Minerals employ Aluminum Oxide abrasive blast media for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Rust removal
  • Surface preparation for automotive components
  • Precision aviation blasting
  • Surface preparation for thermal spray coatings
  • Cleaning and preparing aerospace components such as turbine blades
  • Cleaning of investment casting surfaces
  • Steam turbine scale removal
  • Mill scale removal
  • Heat treat scale removal
  • Glass etching or frosting
  • Precision finishing of medical devices and precision parts
  • Monument lettering

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