Blasting Media Material Supplier

Blasting Media Material Supplier

Blasting Media, which is also referred to as sandblasting media or abrasive grit, has a wide variety of uses including removing contaminants from a surface, which in many instances is a procedure to prepare the surface of the material for a coating. The media can be used on metals, plastics, rubbers, granite, ceramics, marble, glass and more. Blasting is the act of shooting or propelling a stream of abrasive materials as media against surfaces using high pressured blasting cabinets or guns.

Unlike other blasting media options such as garnet or coal slag which generally have a one or two-time use, our brown fused aluminum oxide blasting media is a tough and durable media that can be recycled and reused many times.

GLM has the capability to crush, size, package and warehouse Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide and other grit blasting industrial minerals.

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Abrasive blasting

BlastĀ Media Applications

  • Rust removal
  • Surface preparation for automotive components
  • Surface preparation for thermal spray coatings
  • Cleaning and preparing aerospace components such as turbine blades
  • Cleaning of investment casting surfaces
  • Steam turbine scale removal
  • Mill scale removal
  • Heat treat scale removal
  • Glass etching or frosting
  • Precision finishing of medical devices and precision parts
  • Monument lettering