High Friction Surface Treatment Materials

Great Lakes Minerals (GLM), a company that has been in the business of processing and supplying industrial minerals for over 20 years, is an excellent source for High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) aggregate. Located in Wurtland, Kentucky, just steps from the Ohio River, we are conveniently close to the converging borders of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. This central location is ideal for the receipt of raw materials by barge and for affordable shipping of product to our customers.Ā  At Great Lakes Minerals, our commitment is simple: provide excellent customer service while delivering high-grade materials

Our commitment to delivering high-grade minerals to our customers begins at the mines in China and Guyana where we closely inspect and accept only the highest materials. We continue with inspections at the U.S. borders and at the point of delivery to our plant. Our state-of-the-art sizing operation at Great Lakes Minerals, including advanced dust collection technology, contribute to the quality of our products.Ā  All of this work is done under the guidance of a core management team that has been with GLM since the companyā€™s start.

High Friction Surface Treatment has become the standard for improving the safety of roadways. The application of HFST on horizontal curves, bridges and intersections reduces vehicle skidding and saves lives. Its results were demonstrated in Kentucky when high friction surface treatment was applied by the state to 26 curves and, to date, there has been an average reduction from 6.2 to 1.9 crashes per year at those locations (U.S. Department of Transportation data). Studies have shown that improving the friction by using HFST reduces crashes by 50-100%. High Friction Surface Treatment is clearly a cost-effective solution when compared with the value imparted to traffic collisions and other accidents.

Learn More About GRIPgrainĀ® For High Friction Surface Treatment

Aerial view of a roundabout

Aside from roadway applications, high friction surface treatment is used on bridge decks, roundabouts, walkways, bus stop areas, airport runways, garages, industrial settings and other areas where exceptional anti-skid performance is required for the safe handling of vehicles and machinery.

Calcined bauxite is the aggregate of choice for high friction surface treatment due to its strong abrasiveness, durability and stability. GRIPgrainĀ® is Great Lakes Mineralsā€™ calcined bauxite product for high friction surface treatment.Ā  GRIPgrainĀ® is processed from the highest quality bauxite and sized to State specifications in GLMā€™s modern and quality-controlled processing plant. When applied with a polymer binder, GRIPgrainĀ® high friction surface treatment aggregate is locked into place, creating a rough, hard and durable surface that will withstand tough weather conditions, vehicle braking and snowplowing. GRIPgrainĀ® (calcined bauxite aggregate for HFST) is fired in a rotary kiln and packaged in bulk bags that work well at the jobsite with a spout-bottom and rain cap to keep the material dry.

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