High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) is a cost-effective approach to addressing areas of our roadways, such as horizontal curves, intersections or bridges, that need  higher friction values in order to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities. This treatment involves applying a thin layer of high-quality and polish-resistant aggregate (such as calcined bauxite) to the pavement surface using a polymer resin/epoxy binder to restore or maintain pavement friction.

Refractory grade calcined bauxite is the aggregate of choice for HFST and bridge overlay applications because of  bauxite’s abrasive qualities, hardness, and ability to hold frictional resistance over time. GLM’s calcined bauxite for HFST, GRIPgrain®, is high quality (rotary-kiln fired) refractory grade bauxite sized to state DOT specification at our technologically advanced and quality controlled U.S.A. sizing plant. Dust collectors on all of GLM’s sizing circuits ensures that the finished product is virtually dust-free. GLM packages our GRIPgrain® product in quality, durable, spout-bottom 4000 lb bulk bags; rain caps are added to keep material extra dry. Our material has been used successfully on hundreds of HFST and bridge overlay projects all over North and Central America.

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