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Close up of a refractory settingGreat Lakes Minerals is a leading supplier of refractory grade raw materials for a wide range of applications. Most people are unaware that the world cannot function without refractories. They are responsible for facilitating many modern manufacturing processes that rely on their robust properties.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a refractory is its ability to withstand exceptionally high temperatures while maintaining dimensional stability after repeated thermal cycling. It is able to conserve heat within a vessel or structure and will not contaminate the material it comes into contact with.

Depending on the application, refractory products must resist thermal shock and be chemically inert. They can have a range of conductivity and thermal expansion capabilities. High thermal conductivity refractory material is preferred for applications where good heat transfer is essential, such as coke ovens and water cooled furnaces. For heat conservation and retention applications, refractories with a low conductivity are selected.

High Temp. Refractory Products

Superior Refractory Materials

One of the most robust refractories is alumina, which consists of aluminum oxide and traces of other materials. Alumina is highly stable chemically and has superior hardness, strength and spalling resistance. Refractory suppliers manufacture alumina that is suitable for lining furnaces operating at temperatures up to 3350 degrees Fahrenheit.Refractory bricks

Established in 1999, Great Lakes Minerals (GLM) is a leading processor of alumina-based refractory materials, including calcined bauxite. This is a strong and highly durable material. We are well known for the high quality of our products, ensuring that our quality assurance process starts at the raw materials supply stage. China and Guyana are our two main markets for calcined bauxite.

Our calcined bauxite products have high alumina and low iron content, making them ideal refractory materials. We use our state-of-the-art crushing and sizing technology to supply customers with the highest quality sized calcined bauxite and brown fused alumina. Quality is of the utmost importance and we are constantly aware that any deviation from our high standards could have major implications for refractory lining stability.

GLM is a supplier of several refractory-grade calcined bauxite materials, ranging in size from 25mm to -325 mesh flours:Drums of Brown Fused Alumina

  • GLM RD-88. This uniformly-fired Chinese bauxite has a high density, with a minimum alumina content of 87 percent.
  • GLM-90. This Chinese bauxite contains 88 percent alumina. It is a high density product with a BD of 3.35 g/cc.
  • RASC. Our Refractory ā€œAā€ Grade Super Calcined (RASC) bauxite is sourced from Guyana and is universally considered the most ā€œrefractoryā€ bauxite available in the world. High in alumina, this material is very low in impurities.

We also produce a brown fused alumina product, BFA-96. This has a high alumina and low iron content with low magnetic properties. It is processed in an electric arc furnace, giving it excellent hardness, strength and durability. Its thermal properties make it an excellent choice for many refractory applications.

Our Commitment to Quality is Second to None

At GLM, we go the extra mile to ensure our products for the refractory industry are consistent in chemistry, physicality and size. We thoroughly check quality at every stage of our process, from raw material procurement through to production of the final product. We source only the highest quality raw materials from China and Guyana, which undergo another quality check at U.S. entry ports and on arrival at our plant.Great Lakes Minerals Facility

We have the capabilities and capacity to produce materials to your precise specifications, ranging in size from 25mm to flours. Our state-of-the-art processing technology makes us one of the most efficient refractory producers in the industry. Our quality assurance systems conform to ANSI/ASQC C1 1996, ā€œGeneral Requirements for a Quality Programā€.

GLMā€™s quality control and assurance program is backed up by a management team with extensive experience in the industrial minerals processing industry. We continually investigate new avenues to invest in our business, improve plant production processes and expand our range of products.

To back up our high-quality products, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. As one of the foremost raw material suppliers in the industry, we have the expertise necessary to manufacture products to meet your exacting requirements. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can fulfill your needs.

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